Too Many Weeds In Your Garden?


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Too Many Weeds? Do weeds crowd out your food before you know it? My Story - Weeds took over my garden!!! Test your Soils pH in Multiple Areas Alkaline Soils = Nitrates = Weeds & Annuals = Vegetative Growth Acidic Soils = Ammonium = Perennials = Reproductive Growth (Fruit) Obviously super acidic or alkaline soils exist and are neither suitable for most garden vegetables. You can change their constitution as long as what made them acidic or alkaline is not a constant presence or constantly accumulating. Compost which is soil life & organic matter acts as a universal pH buffer. What To Do Compost Compost Teas & Extracts Cover Crops & other Nutrient Accumulators Legumes & other Nitrogen Fixers Ripping/Broadforking Chop & Drop Sometimes Earthworks Sometimes Biochar SO Don’t Pull Your Weeds: Chop & Drop them! WHY? They Accumulate the Nutrients Lacking in that Soil They Generate Organic Matter You can Chop BEFORE they Form Seed! It Leans into the Succession Use Compost & Grow Better! Grow Abundantly, Learn Daily, & Live Regeneratively, Matt Powers

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