90: A Sandwich and Some Turkey


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Just because it's a holiday doesn't mean you don't get a fresh new episode of our podcast! On today's episode, Allen and Kellie got the DNA results on their rescue dog Larry and it explains A LOT when it comes to his potty training issues. But Allen does have a positive update on the training situation, for which we are very thankful! Kellie and Allen also give their review of "Bohemian Rhapsody." And during "Ask Allen Anything," we read a letter from a listener who gives us some insight on being in a swinging relationship! Thank you to our podcast sponsors! Stamps.com -- Click the microphone in the top right corner and enter the code SANDWICH to receive a 4-week trial that includes free postage and a digital scale. Brooklinen.com -- Use code KELLIE to receive $20 off and free shipping. LeTote.com -- Use code SANDWICH to get 20% off your first month.

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