94: A Sandwich and Some Followup (Not To Be Confused with Fellowship)


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After Allen got emotional sharing his struggles with raising a teenage daughter, the podcast family lifted him up with letters of encouragement and some wonderful suggestions. He shares several of those messages on this week's episode. Do you and your significant other give each other the silent treatment during an argument? GUILTY!! How should you respond when your lover goes silent? Allen gives you some helpful tips. PETA believes some of our common sayings are either abusive or offensive to animals and they offer some animal-friendly alternatives. Is this ridiculous or do they have a point? And then Kellie and Allen reveal the winner of the NYE party package as well as prizes for the runners-up! Did you enter? Did you WIN?? Tune in to find out! Thank you to our sponsors -- LeTote.com -- Use promo code SANDWICH to get $20 off your first month. Framebridge.com -- Use promo code SANDWICH to save an additional 15% off your first order, plus free delivery in time for Christmas if you order by Monday, December 17\. ForHers.com/Sandwich -- Use this special web address to get a trial month of a customized anti-aging kit starting at $10 while supplies last. See website for full details.

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