96: A Sandwich and Some SPOILER ALERT!!


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Kellie and Allen had a Day Date! They went back to the place where they first met for a little sushi, and then they headed to the theater to see what all the fuss with "A Star Is Born" is about. Let us warn you, if you haven't seen this movie, you're going to have to fast forward through about 10 minutes of this podcast or Kellie and Allen will ruin it for you. And if you saw it and loved it, you're going to be very disappointed that Kellie and Allen do not share your opinion. In fact, Allen is downright angry! And are you guilty of being a Lawnmower Parent? Do you even know what a Lawnmower Parent is?? Let's discuss. Thank you to our podcast sponsors -- Liquid-IV.com -- Use promo code SANDWICH to get 20% off your order. Brooklinen.com -- Use promo code KELLIE to get $20 off and free shipping.

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