EP. 45 Frequently Asked Budgeting Questions From The Community


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I get asked so many great questions and there’s not always enough time for me to answer every single email or DM, which is why I wanted to share this Part 1 of a Frequently Asked Questions series. I got asked some great questions for this first episode, questions that I think will apply to most people on a debt-free journey, and I hope that they’re helpful to you as well.

In this episode, I share about:

  • What to do if there is no money left over after the bills are paid

  • How to deal with setbacks to your budget/debt repayment

  • Where to open a kid’s savings account

  • How to stay on track with long-term goals

  • What to do when you’re anticipating big life changes

  • How much is “enough” for an emergency fund

Memorable Quotes:

“At the end of the day, it’s called ‘personal finance’ for a reason, because it is personal.”

Resources Mentioned:

This week’s review shoutout

by LoveMadeThis

“First-time listener, now bingeing all the episodes! I’ve followed Sami on Instagram for over a year now. I love that she is a constant source of inspiration and positivity! Every time I’ve reached out she always answers questions, offers suggestions and encouragement. For some reason, I never listened to her podcast until today, and I don’t know why I waited! The podcast is filled with even more of this inspiration and encouragement. I love it! Thanks for putting out so much great FREE content Sami!”

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