A Thorough Examination with Drs Chris and Xand


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Chris and Xand are doctors, scientists and identical twins. Well, not quite identical. Xand is 20kg heavier, clinically obese, and has a Covid induced heart condition.

The reason Xand is overweight is the same reason that most of us in the UK are overweight: Ultra Processed Food or UPF.

It’s the main thing that we now eat (and feed to our children), but most of us have never heard of it. It’s addictive, highly profitable and the main cause of the global obesity pandemic. It’s destroying our bodies, our brains and the environment.

Chris wants Xand to quit so he has a plan: to send him on a journey to meet the world’s leading experts on food, weight, taste and addiction whilst encouraging a final UPF binge in a bid to see if he can learn to hate it.

Simple right? Well it turns out to be way stranger and more emotional than either of them ever imagined...

An episode will drop each Tuesday from July 6, 2021 for 6 weeks.

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