EP 31 Scream! Comic Part 1


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Its 2016 so we thought we'd try something a bit different for this episode. We're going back to the 1980's and we're eagerly awaiting the rattle of the letter box as the local paperboy puts the first issue of Scream! comic through the door. A UK comic in the anthology tradition of Eagle or 2000AD with a horror theme, Scream! ran for 15 weekly issues before the dreaded phrase, "see next issue for exciting news about your comic" was printed and Scream! was no more. We go through the first 3 issues and decide is it really was scary or not? If you want to read them too we wholeheartedly recommend the brilliant website Back from the Depths where you'll find scans of the issues that you can read. http://www.backfromthedepths.co.uk/ And we also want to hear what you thought of this episode. Did you like us covering a different subject? Do you want us to cover more issues? What were your memories of Scream!? Contact us via facebook: AVeryBritishHorror Twitter: @verybrithorror Or Email: averybritishhorror@gmail.com

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