Holding Fast // Episode 14


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Wherein we discuss the practice of fasting. As one of the three practices associated with Lent, and the one that most people talk about when Ash Wednesday rolls around, it still seems to need some more unpacking. Or maybe, we still needed to unpack it some more for ourselves.. As usual, spending some time talking through the topic was enlightening for us, the podcasters-- we hope that the episode sparks conversations that are life-changing for you, as well!

We make two literary references: The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien, and Dune, by Frank Herbert. Definitely recommend the first one; I think we also recommend the second one. But not to the same degree. Not knocking Dune, just putting it in its place.

Feel free to email us at ouroutpost@gmail.com, to leave a review (or at least rate the podcast...), and to share the episode with friends. I think we also asked a question--something to the effect that we'd love to hear if you have better things to say about fasting, because we're not all that good at it-- that you can answer on facebook on our page, "A Word from Our Outpost with Joseph and Crystal Gruber". Provided you're not fasting from facebook...

Happy penitential season!

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