Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 161 - 6/12/2018


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Episode 161 topics... 1. Forrest Gump's mom having sex with the principal at the school 2. Getting out of tickets 3. Life hacks 4. The key phrase to say to get out of tickets 5. Los Angeles bad neighborhoods look good because of the palm trees 6. Maps on the phone have made us stupid 7. Memorizing numbers 8. People who lose their hand usually deserve it 9. Losing feet and feet that fall asleep 10. Abe's constipation life hack 11. Abe's clean bathroom retail space idea 12. Every business should have a Brock Lesnar type working there 13. Bizarro world update 14. Stormy Daniels is not a hero 15. Thermacuts 16. Most ripped people are on steroids

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