S07 Episode 21: In the School of the Holy Spirit Part 2: Chapter Two


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In the School of the Holy Spirit Part 2: Chapter Two

In this episode we continue the 2nd part of our book study on Fr. Jacques Philippe’s In the School of the Holy Spirit. We discuss the practical elements of fostering an environment where the Holy Spirit can inspire and direct us. We also talk about inviting the Holy Spirit to speak the truth into false narratives we believe and to baptize our thought processes.

Sister Miriam’s one thing - The podcast Poco a Poco from the CFRs. Thai Green Curry recipe. Meat and quinoa can be added rather than rice or just vegetarian. Super Yummy!

Michelle’s one thing - The CFRs’ new podcast, Poco a Poco with Fr. Mark-Mary, Fr. Innocent, and Fr. Angelus

Heather’s one thing - The CFR’s podcast Poco a Poco! And the album Peace by Bethel

And collectively... we love you, Fr. Jacques Philippe!

Book Study

Join this Summer Book Study! We’re spending the next few weeks with In the School of the Holy Spirit by Fr. Jacques Philippe.

This book is going to help you to be more attentive to the movements of the Holy Spirit in your life as you learn to value the third person of the Trinity as the Sanctifier of your soul. Fr. Jacques explains the rewards of being attentive to the Holy Spirit and provides simple and concrete ways to grow in this inner sensitivity. In his clear and simple style, he illustrates his points with many examples from modern life. In the School of the Holy Spirit is a valuable aid in your own spiritual journey.

We began June 1 and will go till June 15, but you can do this at any time that suits your schedule; maybe in the middle of the summer or in the future works best for you.

We will have questions available for you on our website as well as hearty discussions in our private facebook group, which you are welcome to join.

We hope you will grab your copy of In the School of the Holy Spirit and join us. You can buy a hard copy or kindle version on Amazon (Amazon US) (Amazon Canada) (Amazon UK), or check your local Catholic book store.

(As an Amazon Associate, Abiding Together earns from qualifying Amazon purchases: Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK. If you are not in one of those three countries, you can always purchase the book through your ordinary Amazon channel.)

Get your copy today and follow along with us.

Reading Schedule:June 1st - Introduction & Chapter OneJune 8th - Chapter TwoJune 15th - Chapter Three, Conclusion, and Appendices

Discussion questions:

  1. What struck you from the podcast?
  2. Sr. Miriam used the analogy of cultivating the right environment for a garden to grow and that the principles are the same in the spiritual life. What does this mean to you?
  3. How do you usually hear the Lord speak to you?
  4. Which one of Fr. Jacques’ suggestions stuck out to you? Which one will you choose to dive into this week?
  5. What comes to mind when you honestly ask yourself the question “Is God enough for me?” Where do you doubt that He will satisfy you?

Journal Questions:

  1. Reflect and journal about this scripture: Romans 15:13. What does it speak to you personally?
  2. What is the narrative you’re believing about your life right now? Is that the voice of the Lord?
  3. Where are you struggling to trust God’s goodness?
  4. Take a few moments to place everything in your heart before God, the good and bad. Invite God to speak and bring His fire to purify your desires.

Quote to Ponder - The Spirit of God is a spirit of peace, and he speaks and acts in peace and gentleness, never in tumult and agitation - Fr. Jacques Philippe Scripture for Lectio Divina - Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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