AP 192: Pause to Pivot || with Heather Fujikawa (Encore!)


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As I mentioned earlier this week, August is about taking a break. I will be re-airing some of my favorite (and on topic) episodes that I know you'll love. If you've heard them before, I bet you'll learn something new this time around. To kick things off, here is my very first interview and it's still so relevant!

Heather Fujikawa is a longtime friend that agreed to be my first interview. I was so nervous, and before we began she asked if we could say a prayer. It is evident in her interview that she often pauses, in all kinds of ways and like she did with me. Heather has experienced, heartbreaking lows (infertility and cancer) but still managed to pursue multiple creative ventures. Since this interview she has released a book and TV show with her twin sister!

Tune in to this conversation on learning from burn out, perfectionism, and habits. You can still follow your passions and try new things, while taking the breaks you need.

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