AP 193: Stop Letting Social Media Hijack Your Life || with Brooke White (Encore!)


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You know by now that this month the focus is on taking a break. For me, that's pulling back on Instagram, and a few other things, to refocus my energy in different areas that need it right now. It's not because Instagram is a bad thing, it's an amazing platform for sharing and real connection. BUT, it can consume us, so today's episode is a gentle reminder to stop letting social media hijack your life.

Stop Letting Social Media Hijack Your Life

Brooke White, mother and American Idol finalist (!!), has an engaging social media platform that she values...and then one day she deleted Instagram from her phone and realized she could still dance even if no one was watching. She also shares a really heartbreaking realization about how our children are affected by parents using their phone.

Listen to Brooke's real life experience, which walks that fine line of loving social media without losing yourself in it. You can apply some of what she has done immediately, and if you need a little more guidance I have a little email course just for that and you can get it right here.


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