AP 194: Slow Down to Start Living || with Matt Davis (Encore!)


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Sometimes we have to fall, even fail, and in the process of figuring out how and who can help us get back up we find real balance. We can even find real happiness. This episode talks frankly about mental health, suicide, relationships and self-discovery. Our guest's wife was interviewed here and they were both interviewed here.

Slow Down to Start Living

Matt Davis' mental health struggles started when he was the sophomore football captain, curtailed his LDS mission, and came to a head when he lost his father to suicide at just 19. His outlook on that devastating event is one to be admired. Matt realized how important it is to get help and how set backs move us forward. He is now proudly outspoken about mental health awareness and finding balance.

Matt went on to complete his LDS mission, have a family, and become very successful in business. By how own admission he is truly so happy. He is also acutely aware of the depression and anxiety that he will always have to keep in check. Tune in and hear the ways Matt, and his family, have slowed down because of their attitude on really living.

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