AP 172: Narrowing In and Buckling Down on your Personal Habits || with Rachel Nielson


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Maybe you remember back in March when we talked about habits - motivation, sleep, and time management were a few of the topics. Hopefully you felt inspired to make some real change that would benefit you and, as a result, those around you. If you're still moving right along and keeping up with those new habits then good for you! (Also, give us all your tips!) But maybe you've become stuck, overwhelmed, and realized you need help narrowing in and buckling down on your personal habits.

Friend and fellow podcaster, Rachel Nielson, shares how earlier this year she dreamt up a lengthy lists of habits to change and then went from overzealous to overwhelmed. But she knows progress is messy, so she began to pare down. By narrowing in on TWO personal habits, Rachel shares the domino effect they have had on her entire life.

Another hot topic discussed in this episode: social media usage. Rachel took a month long break from her normal business (including Instagram) grind. She opens up about how she did it, what changed, and where she's at right now. Tune in to this episode for that middle-of-the-year-motivation to jump back on board with your goals, habits, and progress.

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