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This topic is big, so we're doing something a little different and spending the next 2 months covering all of the complex relationships in your life. And don't count yourself out, there will be something for everyone in this "relationships bootcamp" as we start with learning how we treat ourselves.

Over the next 2 months you can look forward to expert interviews on relationships with parents, in-laws, friends, spouses, and children. Plus, I'm releasing the second part of my faith crisis in an effort to discuss spiritual relationships.

But! We cannot go any further in our learning about relationships until we've addressed the relationship we have with ourself. I hope you listen and apply the 3 principles I discuss in this episode using the progress plan.

About a few other things...

This month's sponsor is Promptly Journals, which has gotten me to enjoy personal journaling again. I felt like this was the perfect fit as we talk about relationships, because using these prompted journals will give you the guided start you need to getting to know yourself again. Use code 'ABOUTPROGRESS' for 20% off all month long.

November is the 3 year anniversary of the podcast!! We are going to celebrate all month long, and in lots of ways. I'm excited to announce that on Saturday November 16th I'm hosting my final workshop of the year AND having a big party. Get all the details here and I really hope to see you there! Remember you can use code 'PROGRESS' for a big discount through October 15th.


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