AP 210: Why It's Difficult to Relate to Your In-Laws + How to Try || with Natalie Clay


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In-law relationships are a challenge, even the good ones! Because there is always going to be expectations, shifts, comparisons, and allll the things that come with the merging of different backgrounds. But there are so many benefits to more support, more understanding, and more love that can come from these relationships. So let's dive into why it's difficult to relate to your in-laws and how to try.

Natalie Clay, podcaster and couples coach, helps you understand why your current relationship with your in-laws is what it is and shares her expertise tricks and tips for cultivating the relationship you want. Here's a huge spoiler, you may learn more about your relationship with yourself than anything else in this episode - and for good reason! Her advice really centers around reframing the story you tell yourself, about others and about you.

After you listen you'll be well equipped to move forward and take action, if you need to. Natalie explains that the work we do towards growth creates friction, but we often times enjoy the successes we achieve as a result more than we might have without the work. So, be encouraged to take the necessary steps to improve your relationships and if nothing else, come to know you have to be your biggest fan - important to remember as we cover all types of relationships this month and next.

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