AP 297: Never Too Late || November + December's Theme


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New goals in November?! Yep! You can make new goals whenever you want to. You are not too old, too far down your path, and you are never too late. I'm sharing an update of my own Do Something Plan, and you'll see how I constantly shift and alter, and still grow. Starting, even without seeing the end in sight, is better than nothing.

I'm sharing some stories of personally inspiring people who achieved their success well beyond the "30 under 30" bar that society sometimes sets. For the next two months you will hear stories and lessons on this podcast that are meant to cheer you on towards your purpose, not just your wildest dreams but who you truly are meant to be. I'm giving you a few ways to get started in this episode, too, so stop waiting and tune in!

About a few other things...

As we near the 4th anniversary and 300th episode of About Progress I'm doing a "300 giveaway" where you can win daily gifts. There will also be a drawing for 3 grand prize winners. To enter, just share the show, leave a rating and review, and make sure to let me know about it. Your support in this way means the world to me and allows me to continue to serve you best.

However you have chosen to educate your children during these unique and uncertain times, I want you to know you're doing the right thing! I have compiled all my favorite resources to share with you in hopes they support you in any way. As a former educator, turned newly homeschooling mama I want us to know we're all in this together, so check out the COVID School Resource Guide.

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