AP 307: Why Discouragement is a Gift || with Suzy Boyce Chriswell


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Are you a little bit tired of the "rah-rah" messages of positivity despite all circumstance messages out there? What if you could lean into growth, while acknowledging the vast array of disappointment that all of us are experiencing to some degree. In fact, the reasons we become discouraged are often appropriate and logical, so would it help you to learn why discouragement is a gift?

Suzy Boyce Chriswell is a fellow progressor, just like you, and she's currently pursuing a master's in marriage and family therapy. She shares her experience of seeing the depths of discouragement in those around her, while coming to understand its necessity. She teaches us how to be resilient, lean in to relationships, and shift our perspective. And before you think this won't work for you, she shares her same struggles with perfectionism. Ultimately she realized it was only a buffer against accepting her weakness and working through it.

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