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If you've been around here for a little while you may know the story of how this blog, and now podcast and community, got started. Years ago, I was a shell of myself, an underachieving perfectionist, but I had an idea. I made a bucket list of sorts, 30 things to do before I turned 30. This list is now what I have coined a "Do Something List" and I make a point to recreate it every year, you can even read my list for 2021! You deserve more and you are ready for more, let me help. I encourage you to start with last week's episode, Do Something to Unlock the Best Version of You.

In this episode I want to do away with the negative stereotype of being a January Joiner, so that whatever you start right now will set you up for success. There is even a free handbook you can get that will really guide you towards getting started. In this episode I detail 3 pitfalls that I think you may be facing, and specifically how to avoid those. This isn't magic, friends, but to me it is magical when I see the women of this community understand that the transformation lies in the process, and then get to work.

About a few other things...

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