Episode 66: Comedian Andrew Delman is About to Break over Quitting Magic, Learning to Stand Up and Being a commercial Actor in LA


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Andrew Delman Is a hilarious comedian and actor from Los Angeles. This is a glorious conversation about trying to break into the industry before it breaks you.

In this episode Andrew and I talk about:

  • Andrew used to be a magician
  • He grew up in the neighborhood I just moved to
  • Getting a false sense of security from early shows going good
  • Mega Magic and Deli!!!
  • Trying to find originality as a magician
  • Improv Comedy changed everything
  • Getting voted out of the Groundlings
  • Groundlings vs Scientology
  • Always trying to impress his father
  • Getting an agent by accident
  • Nothing is handed to you in this business
  • The less you care in auditions the better

... and trying to figure out how it all works

Follow Andrew @localoneway and at andrewdelman.com

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