Episode 75: The New Bad Boys of Magic are About to Break over Being Birthday Party Magicians, Getting kicked out of UCB and Being Too Edgy for TV.


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THE NEW BAD BOYS OF MAGIC (Daniel Donohue & Eric Siegel) combine Chicago-style sketch comedy with Hollywood stage trickery. Two perfect foils, they stumble backwards into one impossible feat after another in vaudevillian synchronicity. Their magical variety show DIRTY TRICKS plays to sold-out audiences every month at Three Clubs Cocktail Lounge in Hollywood. Their new full-length show COKE & MIRRORS will debut at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June.

In this episode the Bad Boys and I talk about:

  • Who were the old bad boys of Magic?
  • 2 years of them performing together
  • They are both Chicago Improvisers
  • Giving up magic and then rediscovering it
  • Moving to LA to become a Writer
  • I almost broke their table
  • Doing Magic on your own terms
  • Studying Improv made magic better
  • The boys describe each others characters
  • An informative talk about Scientology
  • Why their act is too edgy for TV
  • They have their own monthly show at 3 clubs
  • How they got kicked out of UCB
  • Their new show is called Coke and Mirrors
  • Check them out at the fringe festival

… and making it another year without getting a real job

Check out their site at https://www.badboysmagic.com/

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