Episode 79: Dynasty Typewriter Co Producers Jamie Flam and Vanessa Ragland


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This week's episode features a WONDER FULL conversation with Jamie and Vanessa of the glorious Dynasty Typewriter!

Dynasty Typewriter is LA's new venue for highly curated live entertainment and comedy events, located at the Hayworth Theatre in historic Westlake. Dynasty is a place where comedians and other artists can experiment with new immersive show formats, do engaging live podcasts, and also have the opportunity to bring more production and theatricality to their acts. Building this new theater-going experience brings a fresh approach to the classic show format, for artists and audience alike.

Jamie FLAM Jamie is a writer and producer based in Los Angeles. His goal is to make and do stuff that reminds people of the wonder and enchantment in the world. He most recently served as The Artistic Director/Booker at The Hollywood Improv (2011-2017), named the #1 comedy club in North America in 2016, [due to] “shrewd booking from Jamie Flam.” This is what made him the toast of his grandma's retirement home.

Currently, he is driving to make Dynasty Typewriter LA's best destination for intimate and moving shows and experiences, while continuing to develop content, produce live variety shows, and do script and talent consulting for creative agencies and podcast networks. VANESSA RAGLAND Vanessa is a writer improvisor producer actor hyphenate hyphenate based in Los Angeles. She wants to make things and learn to have healthy boundaries, while still "being fun." You can hear her voice in some things, and sometimes even see her in other things. She co-hosted Nerdist Network’s Pop My Culture Podcast and Earwolf’s Totally Mommy. Her goal is to establish a place for artists to thrive and audience members to enjoy great shows… and even greater popcorn.

Currently, she is developing comedy content for television and digital, continuing to book and produce live variety shows, and performing regularly around town.

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