023: Knowing Alzheimer’s with Family Care Specialist Dori Sproul of the Alzheimer’s Association


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Over 5 million people all across our country have Alzheimer’s. The scary part is that many people don’t quite understand the disease and confuse it with other health issues or even normal signs of aging. Kirsten and guest Dori Sproul, family care specialist with the Alzheimer’s Association of Northern California, team up to discuss the disease and to educate listeners on a multitude of topics about this life-changing condition.

Kirsten and Dori begin their discussion defining exactly what Alzheimer’s is and what it does to the body. Dori then goes on to share the importance of her organization and details how the Alzheimer’s Association helps families and individuals impacted by the illness. Dori highlights vital warning signs, how a patient is diagnosed, the advantages of being diagnosed early, and how crucial it is to plan ahead financially if at all possible. One in three seniors who die each year has Alzheimer’s or another dementia. It is the third leading cause of death in the state of California alone. Alzheimer’s is a rapidly growing national health crisis, and the more we all understand, the better. We recommend listening and sharing this episode, because one way or another, this disease touches us all.

Big Three From Episode #023:

  1. If possible (with early diagnosis), plan ahead with your family.
  2. If you notice warning signs, talk to a physician.
  3. If you are a caregiver, you are not alone!

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

2:15 – Over 5 million people all across our country have Alzheimer’s. Dori explains what Alzheimer’s is and what it does to the body, and identifies the ways in which Alzheimer’s differs from other dementias.

5:59 – Dori discusses what her organization does and how it helps those who have Alzheimer’s and their families.

11:15 – Dori describes the warning signs of Alzheimer’s and explain how these differ from normal signs of aging.

22:30 – Dori and Kirsten discuss how Alzheimer’s is diagnosed in a patient.

27:35 – Dori identifies the advantages of getting a firm Alzheimer’s diagnosis and of early detection.

30:08 – Dori explains what a mild cognitive impairment diagnosis looks like.

36:30 – Kirsten and Dori discuss the importance of planning ahead financially if possible.

39:55 – Dori describes what families experience when they get in touch with the Alzheimer’s Association.

48:00 – Dori discusses other community resources available to seniors in need.

Episode #023 Freebie: Know the 10 Signs

As mentioned in this episode, signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s can be confused with normal signs of aging. Regardless, it’s a growing epidemic, and it’s important to be able to understand and recognize key warning signs of the disease. Absolute Trust Talk guest Dori Sproul works hard to educate clients, the community, and all who contact her through the Alzheimer’s Association on tips, tools, strategies, resources, and all aspects of this illness. Today, she is sharing an exclusive tool with listeners called “Know the 10 Signs - Because Early Detection Matters” — a detailed checklist to help you identify the early signs of Alzheimer’s. Click here to download your checklist now!

Resources/Tools/Links Mentioned in This Episode:

TrialMatch – website tool to match with clinical trial

1.800.272.3900 – Alzheimer’s Association Help, Crisis, and Resource Line to address questions or concerns 24 hours a day

ALZ.org – educational content, tools, and resources

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