The Paradox of Manifesting


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You cannot focus on the absence of money and expect it to show up at the same time. In doing this, you're expecting to occupy two separate and opposing vibrations at once. So worrying about money and having a low-grade anxiety all the time about the lack of it, which is keeping you at the lower end of the vibrational spectrum of contracted emotional experience, will never help you manifest something that feels fulfilling, satisfying, joyful and expanded.

There is a Paradox of Manifesting that most people don't understand. But once you understand it and are able to work/play (and manifest money) inside this paradox, you are fully aware of the truth that YOU create your reality at will.

Your vibration is everything when you are manifesting anything. What makes up your vibration? Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and stories create an energetic vibration. And you are the Creator of ALL of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and stories. Moment to moment, you are CHOOSING different thoughts and feelings to embody based on YOUR preference and this, and only this, is creating your vibration.

If you don't choose it, it doesn't have to be. How does that make you feel? Does it make you feel like you are the creator of your reality? It should, because you are.

I get that it can be painful to come to this realization. Because it implies that everything that sucks about your current situation is a product of your choosing. It means that we are FULLY and COMPLETELY responsible for where we are are right now in our lives, for better or worse.

But it also means this... ... YOU have the power, ability, discernment, clarity and commitment at your full disposal to CHOOSE SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Radical self-awareness leads to radical self-acceptance if you allow that. Furthermore, it allows you to see exactly where you're at and FEEL where you're at. If it is not favorable to you, YOU get greater clarity on the FEELING YOU'RE SEARCHING FOR. When you move out of this place of judgement for where you are and into discernment, you are moving up the vibrational spectrum of feeling. From this high vantage point it is easy to make more self-affirming choices that align with a higher quality of experience.

You may "get" this on an intellectual level but how do you get into the habit of doing this? How do you put this in practice daily? How do you get some support and establish some momentum with this without going off the rails?

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