Sacred Element Activation Series ~ Earth

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Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Each of these Sacred Elements corresponds with an archetypal realm. When you merge with the sacred realm of Earth, you forge a deeper path of self-discovery and you feel centered and grounded. You activate your own inner magnetism, strength, and ancient knowledge.

Merging with the Sacred Element of Earth means having a more profound understanding of being an infinite spirit grounded in your human body and being OF the Earth. Our human bodies are composed of the same trace elements as the Earth herself and we respond strongly to her electro-magnetic resonance, establishing rhythms and cycles in human behavior that allow us to feel deeply connected to our planetary home.

“There are trace elements in the earth’s crust that each vibrate at their own level and help to influence the earth’s magnetic field. Waves of energy are generated because of the sum of these elemental vibrations. These same trace elements and vital minerals can be found in the red blood corpuscles of the human body. This relationship allows the geomagnetic energy of Earth to influence the cardiovascular system of humans. Each beat of the human heart carries a signature of Mother Earth herself. We are of Her. She is of Us.

Low frequency energy waves, known as Schumann Waves, that oscillate between earth and the atmospheric layers around it run at the same frequency of main control centers of the brain. They also follow the same pattern and frequency of certain brain waves. These electromagnetic waves help regulate the body’s internal clock or circadian rhythms. Without the influence of these beneficial long waves, we would feel distressed and disoriented, would have trouble establishing healthy sleep patterns, and feel out of alignment with the resonance of Earth. We are of Her. She is of Us.

Earth is not only a Sacred Element unto itself, but it also includes all of the other sacred realms within it. Calling forth this element, merging with the divine energy of Mother Gaia, and honoring the totality of Earth energy allows you to integrate the higher frequency light vibrations coming into your awareness now during this time of planetary ascension with a greater degree of comfort. You will recalibrate your energy to the new cosmic Earth grid that is being energetically amplified. Because we are of Mother Earth and She is of us, we are also attuning Mother Earth to each of our individual grids that are even now, being upgraded as we are experiencing ascension into 5th dimensional awareness.

Want a deeper understanding of the Sacred Elements?

This is an excellent time to get to know their energy holistically and what each one of these elements represents to you mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

I've been receiving divine activations of these energies and I would like to share them with you in a live group over the next month. I call it Merging with the Sacred Elements. Each week for 4 weeks, you'll receive a divinely transmitted activation that allows you to align and upgrade your energy to the attributes of each of the Sacred Elements. You'll get the "Awakening the Senses Attunement" which will help you to open up your energy to better integrate the power and energy of the Sacred Elements. You will also receive a Goddess Activation each week that spiritually represents them and aligns you with the divine energy of each Element. ~ Fire: transformation, purification, renewal and personal empowerment, Goddess Pele. ~ Earth: inner magnetism, self-discovery, grounding, strength, ancient knowledge, Goddess Green Tara. ~ Air: life-force energy, cosmic essence, bringer of change, aura, spoken truth/prayer, laughter, Goddess Uzume ~ Water: flow, purification of mind, body and soul, healing, and oneness/connection to All That Is, Goddess Yemaya.

Each week, you'll also learn a sacred ceremony for invoking the power of the Elements, as well as what essential oils and crystals to use to help you align with their sacred vibrations. Cost is $111

This starts July 7, 2017. Contact Kathryn to join this group workshop.

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