300: Avoid and Refuse Toxic Negativity - Elite Entrepreneur Trait #4


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In the 4th installment of my series on the nine traits of elite entrepreneurs and eight-figure real estate investors, we’re talking about how to get leeches, screen-suckers, and toxic negativity out of your way.

Elite entrepreneurs are inherently positive, growth-minded, future-focused people. They don’t waste time looking back, spiraling into negative thought patterns, or letting their anxiety control them. They also don’t associate with toxic people or associations.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to cut negative, toxic energy out of your life. You’ll discover why negativity is incompatible with the growth mindset, and how to identify this energy and redirect it long before it can affect you.

Key Takeaways with Josh Cantwell

  • How social media has become a negative time-waster–and how to use it purposefully.
  • How to determine exactly what does and doesn’t add value to your life career.
  • Why anyone who repeats themselves is looking for attention–not trying to solve a problem.
  • What to do when you encounter a leech–and how to ensure that the time they want to steal from you goes somewhere good instead.

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