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Welcome to the AccenTraining Podcast! This is a podcast where I provide you with the tools needed to improve your use of the American accent, and boost your spoken English communication skills. I want to make sure that you can hit the ground running when it comes to learning the American accent. My name is Pat. I'm an Accent Coach, and an Online Course Creator. I have taught the American accent to countless people all over the world, and am honored to have the opportunity to help language learners of all sorts take further control of their speech skills.Listen in to learn about the sounds, contexts, and culture of spoken English in the American accent. My mission as an Accent Trainer is to help you harness the potential of your spoken English, using an American accent. Check out my Udemy video course about Harnessing the Rhythm of the American Accent is you're looking for more great content! Follow me on social media Instagram: @accentrainingclub Facebook: @accentrainingclub Club House: American Accent Learners Club

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