S2E5 - Wade Sickler


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How much would you pay for a guitar lesson with Angus Young? Meet Wade Sickler, investment manager from Bozeman, Montana, who back in 2000, doubled down for the chance of a lifetime to receive a one-on-one guitar lesson from none other than Angus Young himself. How did he pull that off? Well, let’s just say, Moneytalks!

During Episode 5 from Season 2, this bus boy turned money manager goes into great detail for the first time about the bidding war, being gifted a signature cherry red Gibson SG from Angus, jamming for hours with the entire band, and essentially landing a golden ticket to see the band play on tour anywhere in the world. For fans where no dollar value is too great to celebrate this magic thing called AC/DC, this episode honors those who put their money where their mouth is.

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