Level 121 - I Like To Keep My Hands Busy


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Nate played the Xbox Series X exclusive Bright Memory. Did he make Corey jealous? Ell got his Series X! What did he play first and what boneheaded move did he make? Corey played a niche game involving drones. Kenny played a classic game from....2006? Only took him 14 years. Ell played the super SCARY Goosebumps. What old school game did it remind him of?

The community question asked us what we notice first when we make a new friend on TrueAchievements. We announce the winners of the Streak King challenge, break down the GTASC losers, and read off the milestones of the community! There's something here for everyone, so check us out, we are on a casserole!

Your next favorite segment kicks off as bros Elroy and Chewie spit some fire of truth as they both have something to say and they are both right. Give these bros a listen as they address speed running lunacy and the best game ever created by the bros at Telltale in the most sizzling hot take and bro fusion segment ever aired on AH101's airwaves. It is Hot Takes from the Broderlands. #gains&sizzles CAUTION: may singe eyeBROws. (1:40:15)

This week for Waka's Weird Wonders, Wakapeil talks about Turok Escape from Lost Valley. (2:12:03)

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Games Showcase:

Bright Memory Castle of No Escape Gears of War Goosebumps: The Game Grim Fandango Remastered Liftoff: Drone Racing Pathologic 2 Tracks - The Train Set Game

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