Level 136: Why Did It Have to Be Spiders?


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This week's panel - Big Ell, FuFuCuddilyPoof, KooshMoose, rawkerdude5012

It's a new month which means it's time for our live show. Check youtube for the video or enjoy this finely crafted audio version instead.

Ell Finalizes a Fantasy and trades in his troll suit for a shark costume in Maneater. Sharkhead! Nate isn't quite ready to move on from Moving Out and instead delivers a moving review of a new DLC, Movers in Paradise. Moving right along, Corey Kills it with Fire in his review of Curse of the Dead Gods. Kenny was also on the panel... and he hosted - give the guy a break.

Wakapeil breaks down two awesome games from awesome games studios in the awesome zombie games bundle and it is AWESOME!!!! (1:32:34)

Games Showcase Curse of the Dead Gods Final Fantasy 8 Kill it with Fire Maneater Moving Out - Movers in Paradise

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