Level 143 - No Need to Argue About Five Guys


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This week's panel - Big Ell, KooshMoose, FuFuCuddilyPoof

Big Ell attempted to achieve Salvation and tried to tackle a puzzle game without a guide! Koosh and his crew defeated some Zombies and then let them Linger. Kenny accomplished his Dreams and finished cleaning up poop in Zoo Tycoon, and now just has to deal with poopy diapers! Ode To His Family.

Gears Pop is coming to a close and Ell went for the gold! Did he get it?

We talk about games coming....real soon, discuss some server closures, and debate the goodness of Five Guys??? Dayum!

Join us on Achievement Hunting 101!

Waka reviews the newly released game Enlisted (1:29:44)

Games Mentioned:

Deponia Gears Pop Mekorama MLB: The Show 21 Zombie Army 4: Dead War

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