Level 150 - We Will Be Brief


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This week's panel - Big Ell, KooshMoose, Matrarch, ElroyOMJ

Ell channeled his inner old man and discussed some CrossKrush! Koosh talked about a game that could very well feature Ell as a playable character! Elroy showcased two games with Heroes in the title? Were either of them super? M plays a Tetris game...with a story?

We talked about games coming....real soon, ranted about Dead Island 2, got distracted by beatemups, and talked about Minecraft DLC!

VCCCW After a ruthless gamerscore battle between the CCC and the VCW, Chewie and Vulgar have kissed and made up to form the VCCCW. They round up May’s challenge results and bring you new challenges for June, including one where we work on our differences together.(2:13:45)

Masterchef Cheevo Edition Elroy returns with a three course review: Brunch Club, Lunch A Palooza, and Cake Bash.(2:34:17)

One List Two List Good List Bad List Elroy and Vulgar return with another set of lists. Elroy’s got a bad list for something you may not have seen before. Vulgar goes back to the 360 for his good list. (2:48:35)

Welcome to Waka's Weird & Wonderful World Waka returns this week to talk about all the battle royale games this summer! (3:08:36)

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