Level 165 - The Brotherhood of the Traveling AndyPants aka Pain in the Asdivine aka Nobody Expects Dragon Age: Inquisition!


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This Week's Panel - Big Ell, KooshMoose, FuFuCuddilyPoof, Ahayzo

This Week's Topic - Would you rather have lots of free time to play games but can only buy 1-2 games a year or the ability to buy loads of games but never have much time to devote to them? - RetroChief

We welcome patron Ahayzo to the podcast! Where did he get his gamertag and what exactly does he do for Trueachievements.com? Ahayzo talked some Dragon Age and brought us up to speed on the the trilogy. Nate played Conga Master as we waxed nostalgic about...a Gamecube game? Ell channeled his inner Mortal Kombat as he played Get Over Here, but this game isn't like MK at all!

We talked about games coming....real soon, discussed the new TA Contest, had the longest outro ever, and named the episode 12 times.

Genre’lly speaking - Matrarch and Elroy think outside the box. Which box? The same dang box that TA thought outside of when they came up with this genre’s description. Is it simulation? Management? Open world? What the heck is sandbox? Find out in this edition of Genre’lly speaking! (1:45:05)

Waka's Weird Wonders - This week Wakapeil jumps into the game Space Jam A New Legacy the Game. (2:30:56)

Games Showcase:

Conga Master Dragon Age: Inquisition Get Over Here

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