Level 168 - Totally Acceptable Podcast Discussing Achievements (New Collector‘s Edition!)


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This Week's Panel - Big Ell, KooshMoose, rawkerdude5012, FuFuCuddilyPoof

This Week's Topic - Nickelodeon-branded consoles? Have they gone too far? What brand would you love a custom console designed for, that no one else would want? - Skeptical Mario

Corey brawled with some cartoons. Ell played a random assortment of games. Nate battled an acronym. Kenny is abstaining from gaming until the Thursday night Back 4 Blood crew can reunite.

We talked about games coming....real soon, got our Parry Gripp on, and discovered Herbie Husker!

One List Two List Good List Bad List - Elroy explains why the chievo list from Fallen Knight falls flat while Inigo thinks Hitman's list is a hit and that you should play it even though it's a member of the worthless stealth genre. (1:35:45)

Wakavania - This week's Wakapeil deep dive has him taking a look at the Castlevania Anniversary Collection(2:10:05)

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Games Showcase:

Flaskoman Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Purple Chicken Spaceman Totally Accurate Battle Simulator aka T.A.B.S.

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