#AskAchieve Show Ep. 131: Coaches Bashing Other Coaches and Why Calories Burned Doesn't Tell the Whole Story!


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What’s up, Achievers?! Hope you all had a wonderful couple weeks!

In the first topic, we go over one of the more common mistakes that we see at the gym (3:27).

Next, we went over why we choose not to talk about exercises that will help someone get “ripped” or “lean” (7:45).

From there, we talked about why all coaches regardless of whether or not they do olympic lifting or powerlifting or gymnastics or calisthenics or kettlebells or sandbags or sports performance etc should all strive to respect and learn from one another (10:48).

Lastly, we talk about why exercises that “burn” the most calories might be misleading you (15:20).

Our Stories That Will Make Your Heart Sing segment involved a young boy and the University of Tennessee (22:27)!

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