Episode 44: Who Is John Gosslee?


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Simply put, John Gosslee is an author, poet, and editor. But with his prodigious and ever-expanding presence in the literary world, we here at Across The Margin believe such an elementary definition of Gosslee will not suffice. With this in mind, we felt the need to get to know more about such a unique and ambitious artist. In order to dig down to the root of the question regarding who exactly John Gosslee is, it was imperative to get a first hand account of the various projects he helms, the books he has written, and the myriad of ventures he has embarked upon. In this latest episode of Beyond the Margin, we take a journey into the mind of a true original and an all around literary citizen.This is an episode where Gosslee’s early days birthing the renowned literary magazine Fjords Review are recalled, his time at Pank Magazine (“the riskiest magazine on the literary scene”) is discussed, and where we delve into all his work with C and R Press and take a look at his recent tenure as the Editor In Chief of the New York based Arts publication Quiet Lunch. Amazingly, Gosslee oversaw all these endeavors while he was in the midst of releasing a collection of deeply thought-provoking and engaging books including: 12 Sonnets For the Zodiac (nominated for the National Book Critic’s Circle Award and the Pulitzer Prize), Blitzkrieg, Analog, the controversial Out Of Context, and Fish Boy, and after touching on each book and to wind down the interview, Gosslee’s exciting forthcoming release, 50 Contemporary Women Artists: Groundbreaking Contemporary Art From 1960 to Now, was discussed as well as his collaboration with Across The Margin in Notes on A Poetry Film I never Made (ATM Publishing, Coming Soon…). Want to learn more about a tireless artist capable of such a prolific output? — find out more on this latest journey Beyond the Margin. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy

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