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Yo Yo Yo! Filmed myself today going through the motions of recording an episode of the pod, I also filmed a rundown of the equipment I use and some other lil tidbits for my future Acting Inspired patrons! I will keep you posted but keep an eye out for the Patreon page, join the Acting Inspired podcast community and get access to exclusive content, bonus episodes, tickets to comedy shows and loads more cool stuff! Edinburgh is freaking me out, but on the plus side, It's not the creative element that is scaring me, its the MONEY!!! Also, I went back to Guildhall to help my movement teacher work out a game from a set of instructions shes had for 20 years. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I wanna go back! There will be comedy shows soon, I will let you know exactly when very soon. Email me - whatever you like, or an AI take over! ENJOY!!!

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