Last week a podcast saved my life...


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As soon as I dropped last weeks podcast of misery... I felt a million times better! My friends continued to reach out to me and I gradually accepted that and remembered that friends are freaking awesome. Talking on the pod got the darkness out of my skull and into the ether, lifting a huge weight off of my mind. I got myself out to the theatre and saw a banging show called WILD BORE at the Soho Theatre, which inspired me massively and reminded me of the creative power of performers and artists, do go and check it out! You won't regret it. Well you might but still, I thought it was sick! I joined my family on a trip up to the Midlands to meet my sister's new boyfriend and some old family friends and some family I don't really get to see anymore, that was also great. It got me out of my cabin for a start but also got my head out of my bottom. Thank you to everyone who commented on the post last week, it really made me think about some bits and started a great discussion on the yins and yangs and turns out... without the rubbish times, there would be no need for inspiration, motivation and all the other things that are awesome in life. So maybe I should be more grateful for the dark times as it means I'm constantly searching for inspiration and eventually expose myself to it in its many cool forms... Thank you for continuing to listen to me try and get my head around this whole life thing. The podcast truly has saved me many times and the fact that I think there are a few people out there having a listen is a life saver! THANK YOU!!!

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