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It's time to take more control of the career and life. Something good is happening, I like where I'm at in life and I feel like I am really working towards what I want and trying not to make it all so SERIOUS! Bit of a rambler this week... Kae smashed it with the stand-up comedy this week at The House of St Barnabas and Seven Dials Comedy. Two very different rooms with different reactions and it was great to see Kae grow as she works out how to tell her story. Two past guests Liam Bergin (BOOM DONE) and Paloma Oakenfold have gone and got engaged and we had a lovely time at the engagement party on the boat! Congratulations to those two beauts! I get spiritual and rambly and its a bit of a mish-mash ep. I'm beginning to understand and accept things and I'm feeling much better. Even when things are not great I feel more able to stick em into perspective. Also, what do you imagine on the other side of the door at those auditions and production meetings and all that jazz? If you're anything like me, you see gnarley demons in suits, with fire and blood and tridents, ready to tell me how shit I am at everything and it's a joke that I ever thought I could be taken seriously in their mini hell rooms... I've been realising lately that actually, they are just a bunch of humans on the other side of most of those doors and there's nothing to be scared of. I think maybe the trick is knowing who you are and giving yourself the value you deserve and if you try and imagine the other side as a beautiful [your name here] Oasis of YOU loving people, then the meetings may be more likely to go well. Who knows? Try it and see what you think! ENJOY!!!

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