There or Here. Kevin Shen take 2!


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Last time we were recording a pod (2 years ago) we were hiking up Runyon Canyon in the sun talking about East Asian representation in the industry. Has anything changed? Has progress been made? What is the state of that situation now? We also chatted about his production of YELLOW FACE which he starred in and produced back in 2013. Now, in 2018 he is back in the producer's seat with a great new play at The Park Theatre - THERE OR HERE. We chat about balancing production with acting and how doing one effects the other. WE HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE FOR "THERE OR HERE" AT THE PARK THEATRE! Enter: INSPIRED to knock a couple of quid off tickets until the matinee on February 15th. get your tickets here THERE OR HERE is playing at The Park Theatre until 17th February 2018 Jennifer Maisel’s poignant comedy follows the journey of Robyn and Ajay; when illness prevents them from having a child of their own, they return to India – the country of Ajay’s birth – to outsource their pregnancy. As they come together to face this next step in their lives, their increasing inability to be each other’s comfort drives them to seek solace from strangers on the other end of their phone lines in the unlikeliest of places - call centres, drive-thrus and even sex lines... Through sharp writing and witty observation, There or Here explores what happens in this changing world when couples forego face-to-face communication in favour of the virtual. The cast includes: Lucy Fenton, Manish Gandhi, Ursula Mohan, Chris Nayak and Rakhee Thakrar.

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