#001 - Welcome To Active Entrepreneur!


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#001 Welcome to Active Entrepreneur

Welcome to the Active Entrepreneur Podcast, my name is Gary Das and I am your host

I wanted to do a podcast because I want to help, inspire, motivate and educate

Been doing it through the medium of video for 12 months – on mortgages, money, property, how to achieve self-employed mortgage success.

Over the last 2 years I have spoken to thousands of business owners and no matter if you are a sole trader listening to this, a 6 figure business owner like me, striving for 7, already in the 7 and 8’s, the problems that we face are similar, just on different scales

E.g. employment issue when recruiting your first individual as a sole trader or even when you’re a 7 figure business owner with 10 or 12 staff

The consistency we need as an entrepreneur and a business owner, is to just keep making small improvements – 1% improvement a day will help you improve 365% a year

So if you need help on how to improve on your entrepreneurial side, you’re in the right place

I’ve invested thousands into personal development and business knowledge over the past 2 years and I really want to start sharing some of that knowledge via this podcast – as well as mortgage, money and property related knowledge

Being an entrepreneur is not easy – whoever said it is, is clearly a billionaire, sitting pretty, but I’m sure they have troubles too – you’ve got to find customers, clients, networking, build and maintain long term relationships, making profit, juggling family, raising kids, keeping everyone happy, the list is endless

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I am heavily into fitness. It keeps me motivated, helps me to do more, be more and create more – it’s all about planting a seed and watching it grow

Covering themes around preparation, motivation, education – knowledge from me about having a business partner, knowing the key numbers in your business, how to maintain a positive mind-set

I’m passionate, energetic, motivated and I find that a lot of entrepreneurs are and they want to create a certain type of lifestyle, e.g. freedom – creating a legacy

I have created a Facebook group where I’d like to continue the conversation and make you feel like part of the community. Together, as a team, we are stronger, we’re better and can strive for greatness

Within the community we can ask questions, get answers and we can build long relationships and focus on partnerships – the key to my success

I’d love to support you on your journey to achieving your dreams, whatever they might be.

Please subscribe to the podcast, download the rest of the episodes and once you’ve listened to them, do give me a review. I welcome your feedback in the Facebook community

You can connect with me at @GaryDas

I’ll leave you with one last thought: What an entrepreneur believes, an entrepreneur achieves. Stay Active.

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