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Ep 001 Doolin Cliff Walk, Ireland

In Episode 001 Doolin Cliff Walk, Ireland Scott and I discuss our experience as we hiked from the village of Doolin to the Cliff’s of Moher.

Show Notes:

Our host at the B & B contacted Pat Sweeney to see if there was a guided hike the next morning. Scott and I discussed taking a guided hike vs. just figuring it out on our own. In hindsight, we are so glad to have chosen to be guided, and we know we supported an amazing cause.

Doolin Cliff Hike

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Doolin Cliff Walk

At 10:00 a.m. sharp, Scott and I, as well as 15 other people met in front of O’Connor’s Pub. Pat Sweeney talked to us about the trail and the history behind it.

In 2006 there was economic struggle in the area and the farmers looked for different ways to bring tourists to Doolin. The solution was to create a trail system. Pat, as well as 39 other farmers, allowed hikers to pass through their land, making the trail accessible through all of the different farm properties. Now tourists visit Doolin specifically to hike and when the trail system is complete, it will be 20k long.

An Incredible Hike

Pat left us with two guides, Charlie and Beth. Our group set off to hike the three hour, 8k section which is now complete. The fee was a 10 euro donation at the end of the hike, to help support more work on the trail, as well as maintenance of the existing section.

Our hike began in the main village of Doolin and took us along the cliffs which overlooked the ocean. We stopped to take many pictures along the way. It began as a sunny morning and the trail was between rolling green hills of farmland and the wild, Atlantic ocean. We saw a few cows and even a castle off in the distance!

Doolin Cliff Hike


Every step of the way we enjoyed the most gorgeous views. As we looked back we could see Doolin in the distance. Far out in the ocean, we could see the Arayan Islands. The trail turned to single track along the cliff’s edge. I felt a bit anxious to be so near the edge, especially with the powerful winds. The ocean was so rough, the boats weren’t even going out to the islands.

Doolin Cliff Hike

Our Group

The group we hiked with was very diverse, with people from around the world. A few of us were equipped with hiking boots, trekking poles, and were mentally prepared for the mud from the trail which would be ahead. Scott and I had hiked in Ireland for weeks, we knew the wet, muddy bog situation, which was sure to come.

Some people in our group wore denim jeans, sweatshirts, and regular tennis shoes and were still able to hike just fine.

One Hour In

After an hour it began to rain. It had been perfectly sunny and then the clouds rolled in. The weather in Ireland constantly changed and it was best to be prepared for anything. Luckily, Scott and I were already in our rain jackets. They were lightweight and kept us dry.

Charlie stopped the group and explained how we would see a reverse waterfall, a few minutes up the trail.

The water fell dramatically into the ocean but the wind picked it back up and threw it onto the trail. Straight at us! If we weren’t soaked by the rain we sure were after that! What a crazy experience, as I have never seen a waterfall blowback before.

Two Hours In

In the second hour of the hike, it rained off and on. The trail was wet with many creek crossings. I was thankful for my trekking poles, which helped me balance in the wind and were like a third foot going over creeks. We hiked a section of muddy bog farmland and one person even fell. Her entire backside was covered in mud. I remember those days of falling in the mud as we hiked the Bearra Way. Not very fun. Still, we felt lucky the farmer allowed us to cross his land.

Hour Three

Our last hour, the sun began to shine. We were thankful to dry out a bit, but there were still areas where the ocean sprayed us with water.

We joked about how we were getting the “Irish Baptism.”

At one point as we had paused to take pictures and chat with the other hikers, we noticed one of the couples off to the side near the edge of the cliff. The man went down on his knee and proposed to his girlfriend, we all clapped and cheered after she said yes. What a special memory they will always cherish.

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

After our last climb, we arrived at the highest point of our hile, 700 feet above the churning sea. Right in front of us stood the world famous Cliffs of Moher. They were beautiful and dramatic with the Atlantic ocean below.

At the prearranged time, we met our guides and boarded a bus which returned us to the village of Doolin.

Cliffs of Moher

In Conclusion

Scott and I absolutely enjoyed our Doolin Cliff hike. For me, it may have been one of my favorite experiences in Ireland. We hope you have enjoyed Ep 001 Doolin Cliff Walk, Ireland.

Everyone in our group enjoyed themselves, even the people who were not dressed properly for the elements. I would definitely recommend hiking boots and rain jacket just so you will be able to focus on the beauty of the area and not being wet.

We would highly recommend this hike. There is so much hard work which goes into maintaining the trail, as well as the expansion of the rest of the distance. We hope you will hike it as a group, meet some new people and contribute to their trail project.

For more information please check out the Doolin Cliff Walk page.

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Ep 001 Doolin Cliff Walk

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