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Episode 003 Millennial Group Travel

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Show Notes:

In this episode, Scott and I interview our daughter Celeena Wall about her experience with Millennial Group Travel.

You can find plenty of information all over the internet about solo travel, but solo travel isn’t for everyone. Celeena shows us another option.

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Jaynie: We have a very special guest today, Celeena Wall.

Scott: Yes, she is our daughter, a student at Mc George School of Law.

Jaynie: We felt she fit perfectly with the topic we want to discuss today, Millennial Group Travel.

Jaynie: Celeena thank you for joining our show today.

Celeena: Thank you for having me

Scott: Growing up you spent many vacations in Mexico. In college what made you want to travel more?

Celeena: I wanted to learn about other cultures and explore.

Jaynie: Give us an overview of how you decided to travel with a group and who went with you.

Celeena: I decided to go with my friend Alli, and we thought it would be something new to go with a group. Part of our trip would be with a group and part on our own.

Scott: What company did you choose and why?

Celeena: We choose Contiki because they had great reviews and were in our budget.

Jaynie: How long was this trip?

Celeena: 10 days with the group and a few days on our own.

Scott: What did your itinerary look like?

Celeena: The tour was based in Greece. Santorini, Athens, Peros, and Eos.

Jaynie: How did you meet everyone in your group?

Celeena: We did a speed dating like situation where we spent a few minutes with each person.

Scott: What kind of accommodations did you have?

Celeena: We stayed mainly in boutique small hotels.

Jaynie: Did you have roommates?

Celeena: Yes, my friend Alli and another young woman was assigned to be with us for the whole trip.

Scott: What was your favorite experience of the trip?

Celeena: The day we climbed a volcano, did mud baths and took the donkeys up to town.

Jaynie: Ok, now what was your worst day or experience on the trip?

Celeena: We were on this ferry for like eight hours, it was closed in like a plane and everyone was throwing up. The woman next to me was throwing up in a bag. All of my friends were at the back throwing up. It was awful.

Scott: What was something on your trip that made you feel uncomfortable?

Celeena: Riding donkeys up the steep cobblestone road was uncomfortable. The donkeys didn’t look very healthy and one girl’s donkey’s foot was bleeding so she walked up. It was one of those things that make you feel bad and I wouldn’t want to do that again.

Jaynie: What was on regret had on the trip?

Celeena: Not spending the extra money to book some the extra excursions. One day everyone went out on a boat tour and relaxed and swam and had so much fun and we missed it. I recommend having extra money in your budget for those kinds of things.

Also, don’t’ be afraid to go on a group trip alone, you will meet so many new friends and have the experience of a lifetime.

Jaynie: Ok, now it is time for our fast five questions we plan to ask all of our guests.

  1. What was the last book you read? Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson.
  2. Wine or coffee? Wine!
  3. Beach or Mountains? Mountains!
  4. Mac or PC? Mac!
  5. Something interesting about you people may not know? I practiced karate for many years when I was young.
  6. Do you have a trip planned? If so where? Yes, hopefully, I can go visit my grandparents who just moved to St Croix in the US Virgin Islands.

Scott: Thank you for joining us today Celeena, we appreciate your perspective on this topic of millennial group travel, it sounds like a trip to remember. Find Celeena on Instagram @celeenawall

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