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Welcome to a new edition of the DX program on RAE - Argentina to the World.
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Let’s start with some great news: RAE-ARGENTINA TO THE WORLD is back on the SW, and with a special QSL card.
We’ll appreciate if you help us spread this information and we await your reception reports with technical details that help us know how our broadcast is reaching you.
Here’s the schedule on SW starting on May 2, 2017:
Spanish: Mon-Fri 2200 to 2300 on 5950 KHZ, 49-meter band.
English: Tue-Sat 0100 to 0200 UTC on 9395 KHZ on 31-meter band.
And all this is via a relay by WRMI.
Reception reports sent will be replied with a numbered, special QSL card:
1000 CABA
Today we have a special show on the violent conflict surrounding the city of Mosul, In Iraq, that directly or indirectly affects the Middle East.
In the small city of Hassan Sham, some 30 kilometers northeast from Mosul, the scars left by the heavy fighting with ISIS are evident.
The city was recently liberated by the Iraqi Army and the Kurdish Peshmerga, at the cost of its total destruction.
The landscape is terrifying, and it’s very hard to get into. At control posts, just before reaching Hassan Sham from Erbil, the military advice never to drive away from the asphalt line, as there’re still many mines to deactivate.
Once through, one reaches a massive refugee camp.
Al Ghad is an independent radio station that provokes the Islamic State by airing anything from pop music to beauty advice and football news.
It broadcasts from Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. All staff prefer to keep their location secret for security reasons.
“The project of the radio, one of its directors say started in 2015, few months after Daesh took over Mosul. Radio became one of the few ways of communicating for those who remain in the city...Al Ghad is the only of its kind...we faced many risks to reach areas where relay stations were placed...many times we successfully blocked Al-Bayan, the Califate’s radio and we even used their frequencies. It wasn’t a very continuous broadcast at first, but with success, came 24-hour constant broadcasting”.
The program “I Am A Citizen”, allows listeners to inform what is happening in the areas under control of the Islamic State...here are some of the phone calls made women to the Station:
-I can’t sleep no more...they died right in front of me, everything leads to death here, three brothers died on the same day...where something like that happens??
-In our neighborhood Daesh bombs houses of the civilian population...today a house with two families was blasted…
The director says he thinks people believes in the station: “I notice due to the way they talk to us...I feel they have a lot of trust in us”. And we received also some threats by jihadists, but this only boosts our listenership’s numbers.
And we continue in the region of Mosul.
The Islamic State has lost propaganda capacity after losing several media outlets to Iraqi troops advancing into their territory.
According to sources, 70% of ISIS media centers were destroyed in Mosul.
Omar Salahaldin, an information expert from the Baghdad University, assured that propaganda was a vital part in the Islamic State’s plan to control the area and establish a caliphate.
Some of that propaganda system included Al Bayan Radio, weekly magazine Al Nabaa, and had giant screens in the streets of Mosul where their propaganda was also disseminated.
Al Bayan has been practically set apart by the military, but it still airs some content every now and then.
ISIS was just about to set up a TV channel, but Iraki bombings supported by the US-led international coalition prevented that from happening.
They have a news-gathering agency, Amaq, that keeps vindicating terrorist acts around the world, but they have to change internet suppliers as companies keep shutting down their website.
The Iraqis deem a priority to control those communication centers, as they want to cut off contacts between ISIS and their cells.
On February 27, ISIS suspended the broadcast of their radio AL Bayan in Mosul, due to the advance of the Iraqis in the western part of the city.
Nonetheless, that radio station has again broadcast on and off, with content encouraging Jihad and verses of the Koran.
Iraqi Police said Al Bayan was seized a month ago, and its gear captured.
Terrorists still broadcast via a mobile transmission device, but Al Mahmadaui promised the Iraqi troops will locate and bomb that also.
The offensive began last October 17, and has the goal of capturing Mosul and the other lands controlled by the radical group that began its dominion by taking over Ninive province in mid 2014.

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