#10- Mental Health with PMDD


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May is Mental Health Awareness month so today I am getting vulnerable with you as we talk about PMDD – Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder – a mental illness I was diagnosed with after 20 years of not knowing what was “wrong” with me. PMDD is a hormone-based mental illness that is an uncommon reaction to normal fluctuating hormones. It is not an imbalance of hormones nor is dictated by hormones, but a miscommunication within the brain, specifically the prefrontal cortex, that follows the luteal phase of a menstrual cycle – from ovulation until the period starts. Still such a new disorder with research coming out weekly! Only 2-8% of women experience PMDD and out of that percent only 3% of those have heavy and painful periods. I am that 3%.

I share with you my story and the details of what it is like to live as this illness comes around each month. What happens with in my body and also how the view of my world changes pretty much overnight. PMDD affects me two times a month – during ovulation and then again about 5-7 days before my period starts and lasts until my period starts. So between PMDD and a painful period, I get about 10 days a month feeling amazing. However, with lifestyle changes of diet, exercise, sleep, and planning, I have been able to minimize symptoms to live a good, healthy life and I am usually not crippled by its effects.

There is so much information about PMDD that I couldn’t fit it all into this podcast. If you would like to know more check out the site below or you can also drop me a comment below or email me at clarissa@adagiofit.com and I’d love to listen to your questions, comments, or concerns.


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