Ep. 96: Sometimes You Need Laughter Amongst the Sadness


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It's a hard time in the United States right now. We're all going through elements of pain and sadness, but it's important to find laughter and happiness amongst the sadness, so we're going to do our best to bring you fun content with our weekly list. This week, Funmi, Tom and Mark each found things to add, from A Secret Love and The Lovebirds on Netflix to Pixar's Out on Disney+ and Defending Jacob on Apple TV+, to getting dirty with USA's Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story and Amy Schumer Learns to Cook on Food Network. Plus, it's the time of year again --- Pilot season! We each pick and discuss the TV pilot scripts that stood out to us and wonder when/if they'll get made after Covid-19 runs its course.

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