David Hans-Barker - Multi-Millionaire Secrets From An Ex-Monk


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David Hans-Barker, founder of YogiLab, is an eight figure entrepreneur, CEO, and head meditation teacher at The Istana - his cliffside retreat centre in Bali. But, life wasn’t always like this... His current life sounds like a success story that is very far away from his humble beginnings. David was raised in borderline poverty, and was surrounded by abuse, drug addiction, violence, and suicide for the first half of his life. This difficult upbringing, and the love he felt for his family, made him obsessively passionate about finding a solution for people experiencing the same kind of suffering. After living like a monk for 3 years, and spending up to 18 hours a day meditating, David’s life started to transform. Now he creates systems so that other people don’t have to become monks to overcome suffering and achieve success. He attributes all of his success and happiness to the benefits received from deep meditative practice, and has dedicated his life to creating systems to help others access the same power that he has. Life can change. There is a solution. His life is an example of this. Meditation is a superpower, and the whole world deserves to have it.

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