OCD Co-Morbid Friend of ADHD with Jeff Szymanski, PhD.


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Today, we’re talking to Jeff Szymanski, Ph.D.

Jeff is the executive director of the International OCD Foundation, and author of The Perfectionist's Handbook.

In this episode, Jeff tells us about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a disorder that is com-morbid with ADHD. Jeff talks about what OCD is and isn’t, what it’s like to live with the disorder, and methods of treatment - many of which are just great anxiety management and self-improvement strategies in general, including self-compassion, why facing adversity and confronting our fears is so important for all of us, and the power of doing hard things.

A brief disclaimer. OCD can sometimes be accompanied by pretty grim thoughts that are diametrically opposed to the values of the person who has it. We do spend a few minutes discussing what that might look like, so this episode is a bit darker than our norm. I know some of you listen to the show as a family. Please preview this one before listening to it with your kids.

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  • Learn more about Jeff and his work at the International OCD Foundation at https://iocdf.org.

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