EP. 134: ADHD, Entrepreneurship and Social Media with Kamden Hainsworth


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This week Tracy welcomes Kamden Hainsworth to Episode #134 of ADHD for Smart Ass Women. Kamden lives with her husband and three (almost four) daughters in Springville, Utah. She enjoys spending time in the nearby mountains, traveling, working on home improvement projects, and serving in her community and church. Kamden worked as an educator in a variety of capacities for over ten years. She has always felt the most fulfilled helping others realize their true potential. Years after her daughter was diagnosed, Kamden received her own ADHD diagnosis at 36 years old and quickly began advocating and researching to learn how to build her new amazing life as an ADHDer. She now helps solopreneurs with ADHD find their voice and translate that into their business specifically with marketing and social media.

Kamden shares:

  • The circumstances surrounding her ADHD diagnosis
  • What has changed since she was diagnosed
  • The importance of surrounding herself with people who see and appreciate her ADHD gifts
  • Why social media can be so challenging for the ADHD brain
  • The ways perfectionism and over-thinking can prevent us from posting on social media
  • How asking the question, “Who makes the rules about what social media needs to look like?” can help us overcome perfectionism and get started
  • Her strategies for building your online presence one puzzle piece at a time
  • How determination and trusting her own creativity and problem-solving skills has led to her success
  • Her #1 ADHD workaround: visuals, visuals, visuals


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