Jarrod Haning


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Jarrod is the walking representation of a jack of all trades-- a licensed pilot, a licensed home builder, a licensed skydiver, and the list will surely continue to grow overtime. Most of all, he is the master coach in Mindset Performance, a company that equips business owners with a new set of tools for increasing their productivity and profitability. He is also the Principal Violist of the South Carolina Philharmonic. Alongside being a deep-rooted entrepreneur and a classically-trained musician, he is definitely a go-to pro for business owners who aspire to increase their performance under pressure. On today’s episode, Jarrod shares his stories about overcoming PERFORMANCE ANXIETY by using intense passion. He also introduces the concept of MINDSCAN and how it works. And lastly, he tells us how music has been a great influence, which has played a major role in getting him to where he is today.

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